Artist Statement

“However, the notion that one can use ‘just one tool’ to make an object of art is naive.”

“Yes, I made a work of art…seemingly with the ‘one tool’…but I sang ‘dem bones’ as I did so…”

Mark Lindquist   |   Quincy, Florida

The “one tool” idea as an exercise in thinking led me down a path of greater and greater distillation of concept, formalization, and finalization. However, the notion that one can use “just one tool” to make an object of art is naive. Similar to President Obama's July 2012 “you didn't build that” campaign speech, in which he discussed the role of government and infrastructure behind (and precursing) successful business—there is no such possibility as “one tool making” given the vast history (evolution) and infrastructure behind each quasi-existential tool. If we can isolate the reality of materials and manufacturing (in the creation of a tool) from the idealism and dreaminess of conceptualism in art, then blissfully, this exercise serves as a catalyst rich in potential, despite opposing camps vying for hegemony. Yes, I made a work of art, (Dowel Bowl), seemingly with the “one tool” (a glue applicator) but I sang “dem bones” as I did so....