What would it be like to create a work of art using only one tool?
Helen Carnac   |   Rolling Mill
“I am interested in marks, the things that have been left behind…”
David Clarke   |   Domestic Cooker
“What interests me is building in the element of risk…”
Liz Collins   |   Knitting Machine
“Being confined is strangely liberating.”
Chad Curtis   |   Data
“I chose to allow the final artwork to remain as a set of tools…”
Michael Eden   |   MacBook Pro
“But I am only creating a virtual object…”
Ndidi Ekubia   |   Hammer
“Two hits on air one on steel, two on air one on steel…”
Joy Garnett   |   Paintbrush
“This brush was not a risky brush…”
David Gates   |   Modified Saw
“I had to fight with the tool.”
Lisa Gralnick   |   Paintbrush
“The paintings have a kind of sweetness to them.”
Tavs Jorgensen   |   Reconfigurable Pin Mold
“It’s a process that destroys some of the tools being used.”
Mark Lindquist   |   Glue Applicator
“I became fully committed to texture as equal in importance to form.”
Beth Lipman   |   Caulk Gun
“I started with piles of stuff and I started gluing them together.”
Gord Peteran   |   Wood Plane
“Maybe woodworkers are more dangerous than we think.”
Jon Prown   |   Flex Cut Hook Knife
“…the work is laborious and extremely physical.”
Caroline Slotte   |   Paper Knife
“…thoughts of camouflage occupied me.”
Hongtao Zhou   |   Hand
“In a way, the tool is the crowd; other people’s hands.”